Monday, April 13, 2009

Revenant titan part 3

I have finished the head and the sonic lances. The lances I painted scorched brown, drybrushed shining gold, and then washed with a dark walnut wood stain. (Ace hardware brand-I think it smells better than other stains.) It give a good antique metal look.
Next I painted the pilot. He was harder to paint than I thought he would be. Oh well, most people won't even see him. He's done, thats about all I can say.
I wanted the head to compliment the work I have done on the shoulders, draw attention to itself, but not be too over the top. I have always liked star patterns for Eldar, who are the masters of the webways. I used a technique that works great for freehand painting. I drew the pattern out in pencil, painted it in, and then drew the center circle with black, fine tip sharpie. I also used the sharpie for the transition from the white to blue on the face. I still have some finishing touches to do, but he's almost done. (click on pics for closeup)