Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dark Eldar Aberration with Scissor hand WIP

I decided my aberration needed a new scissor hand, and I need to finish the paint job on this squad once and for all.
I used the end of the raider horizontal sail arm, and a vambrace blade off of the dark eldar warrior sprue.  I bent the end of the blade to hook down.  The hand is from a tyranid warrior, with the thumb cut off. 
 I was really trying to copy the awesome scissor hand on the wrack sprue.

 The squad almost finished.  Still a little work to go.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Dark Eldar vs Squatarii War Convocation

So for our final battle of the weekend, Aric and I played my Dark Eldar vs his Squatarii war Convocation.  We had to proxy some of his models, as most of his admech and squatarii stuff is still new in the box.  
My list was:
Sslyth and medusa, venom dual splinter cannons

2x 10 dark eldar warriors, 1 splinter cannon in Raider with splinter racks

Fast attack:
6 Reavers 2 Cluster caltrops
2x 5 scourges, 4 haywire blasters

Heavy support
Cronos spirit probe, spirit syphon
Ravager 3 dark lances

Corpse thief claw (yes I used it against my brother, I warned him, and he encouraged me to try it out)
Scalpel squadron

Aric's list
He had the skitarii war convocation.  
Knight with Stormspear pod, rapid fire battle cannon, and Chainsword.
His admech force included:
HQ: Tech priest Dominus

3 Breachers (mostly assembled) Heavy arc rifle
3 Destroyers (proxied with my space wolf terminators) with plasma culverin

Heavy support
Kastelan robot maniple, heavy phosphor blaster top, twin linked heavy phosphor blasters

Other proxies - eldar warwalkers as dragoons, tau as skitarii rangers, and tau pathfinders as rustalkers and infiltrators (which we forgot to add until about turn three).

 My dark eldar on the carpet, waiting to be deployed.
 My deployment.
 For some reason, probably from the day before's planetstrike mission, I brought in the reserves turn one.  I should have started rolling turn two.  That may have made a big change to the result.
 First turn squatarii shooting casualties.  I think Squatarii scored like 2 objectives, turn one.
 Turn one dark eldar shooting casualties.  I had both haywire scourge groups, and the corpse thief claw shoot at the knight.  It was 8 haywire blasters, and five twin linked haywire blasters later, and the knight went up in a blaze of glory.  My scalpel squadron were unable to erase a five man squad of squatarii vangaurd.
 Turn two squatarii shooting casualties.  The scalpel squadron died quickly to the massed imperial shooting.  Those plasma culverins are brutal.  Two talos down.  At this point, I should have been running the talos every turn, and not shooting the haywire blasters.
 Turn two dark eldar shooting casualties.
 The dark eldar advance into the imperial guns.

 Turn three dark eldar shooting casualties, I focused on getting rid of the awesome hq model.  And kept the scourges on the dune crawlers.
 And lots more Dark eldar dead.
 This objective was hotly contested all game.  Aric's dune crawlers managed to make the scourge flee after winning an assault to take objective three.  The following turn, I was able to destroy both remaining dune crawlers, and take the objective with some assaulting Reavers.

The Dark Eldar won with 9-8 victory points.  It was close the whole game, and could have gone either way with a few important rolls of the dice.  It was a great game.  

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Orks vs Space Wolves first battle of Hour of the Wolf

Here is my army list.: 
1509 points

Murderfang, pod
5 Wulfen 2 axes, 2 hammer shields, pack leader

8 Wolf Claws, flamer, power fist, wolf guard battler (combi-melta bolt pistol) Pod
9 Grey Hunters 2 melta guns, wolf guard battle leader, (combi-melta, bolt pistol) Pod
9 Grey Hunters 2 Plasma guns, Wolf guard battle leader, (combi-plasma, bolt pistol) Pod

Heavy Support
Fire Raptor gunship  Heavy bolters
 Aric's list
Ork warlord
Badrukk and 6-7 flash Gitz
2-3 big groups of boys with claws
A couple squads of Nobs with assorted nasty weapons
Burna Bomma
Some Grots
Large squad of stormboyz
3 killa cans

Turn One Orks set up in all the fortifications we had- Not enough.  Radar station counts as bastion.  Radar array counts as Las cannon turret. I hit the place with a laser burn, and and planet quake bomb.  I wanted the anti-air dead.
 Wolves drop in.  I picked the raptor to come in for sure turn one (per attacker in planetstrike rules) , because we wanted to see what it could do.
 Turn one shooting casualties.
 The frontal assault
 Ork bommer comes in.
 Storm boys multi-assault into wulfen, claws, and Ragnar.
 Casualties after ork turn one.  Ragnar and wulfen cut down storm boyz before they get to attack.
 Turn Three casualties.  The fire raptor decimated the poorly armored orks, anything that assaulted ragnar or the wulfen were quickly cut down.  And Murderfang destroyed 3 killa cans, a couple ork warbosses and nobs, and was a complete beast.  The plama gunners all killed themselves with gets hot rolls.
 At this point we ended it, and both felt the orks need a new dex, we should have placed more fortifications for the orks, and he should have put the flash gitz in the bastion, surrounded by boys, and not have sent the storm boyz vs my hardest close combat units.   The wolves worked really well.

Imperial knight renegade game

My brother and I got an Imperial Knight Renegade game in.  I had icarus autocannons, rapid fire battle cannon and avenger gatling cannon.  Aric had reaper chainsword, stormspear rocket pod, and rapid fire battle cannon.  We played the mission where you try to destroy each other.
After a couple turns of me shooting everything I had at him, and Aric shooting and charging, He got close enough to start destroying me with the chainsword.  I had like 14 hits on him, but on almost every spot, not one area destroyed.
 After a second turn too close to the sword, Aric destroys three sections for the win.  It's a fun game, quick and deadly.  I think the close combat weapon's ability to choose the target area, and not scatter was the key to winning.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hawkshroud Knight Complete

So the knight is done.  I really enjoyed painting this model, and would probably be adding more details and battle damage if I didn't have two more to do.  The Icarus AA gun has a post for trading out when I get a missile pod.   I didn't want to use a magnet and ruin the little hole on top when the top gun isn't present.   

 Legs done on these two.  Now on to the feet!

Friday, April 29, 2016

House Hawkshroud Imperial Knights WIP

Working on some Imperial Knights.  I love these models.  These have been languishing in my case, half done, for a year or so.  Time to get them done.  I am loving the yellow.  So much so, that I am going to start an Imperial Fist army.  I finally magnetized them at the biceps for easy weapon swaps.  That's the part I was putting off for so long.  Hope you enjoy.

Monday, April 25, 2016

How to fill gaps without Green Stuff and Shadow Spectres WIP

Here is some progress on my Shadow Spectres.  Still needs some work all over.  Especially on the armor, bases and guns. Pretty much all over.
This is a little trick I came up with for glueing resin and plastic.  I originally needed something to hold some larger magnets in place, and have since used it for all types of uses.  From filling gaps, to making resin bonds stronger.  If you have every glued resin, you know that unless you have two surfaces that have a lot of surface area on the join, the bond won't be very strong.  Also, green stuff is great to form and shape into very detailed textures, but isn't super sticky and is not very supportive for the structure you are building.

This technique is super simple and inexpensive.  I wasn't pleased with my Wraith Seer stance, so I broke him apart and started over.  I glue the joint (here the hip joint) and then put some extra super glue in the space I need to fill.  Then I take a small wad of toilet paper and push it into the area with a knife or mould line remover.  Here you can see the size of the piece and the joint with the super glue/toilet paper already in the join.  
And some more toilet paper pushed into the gluey joint.  Sometimes you have to add extra glue to soak all the toilet paper, or cut extra TP from the joint.  Also, be careful if you have a large amount of area to fill, or if you don't pack the TP very tightly.  It has happened to me a few times, where the super glue saturates the TP, dries super quickly and gives off a lot of heat.  It puts out a lot of heat.  So much that I have had it smoke as the super glue dries.   This TP needs a bit more super glue.

 Here I did the same thing with the knee.  The great thing about this filler, is that it sets up like cement, is super strong, holds the two resin parts together and you can cut the excess with a sharp knife.  It paints fine, and is very resilient.  I have put green stuff over it before to get a super smooth surface.  I put a double ply, flat piece of TP between the resin base and the foot of the model.  It made a super strong bond.  I usually pin resin bases, but with the TP/super glue concoction, I don't need to pin it.

 Here's the final pose.  I wasn't completely satisfied, so he's in parts again.