Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wraithlord #2

Here is my second new style wraithlord. I always liked the kneeling rangers and Tau firewarriors. I thought a heavy weapon wraithlord would be great kneeling with the gun-grip hand. I cut the leg off just below the kneecap and pinned it. I have found that the pin vise works better than the dremel for pinning plastic figures. The plastic is so soft that it tends to melt with a dremel and give you a horribly large hole. The pin vise works great if you have a wire and drill bit that are very close to the same size.
I also put the back wings in a lower position as if they were articulated and he had them down for ballance.

I put both flamers on the left weapon mount, and glued down a few bits of metal sheeting down to hold the magnetic weapons in place. The hand has the nail heads from the earlier post. I also added the hip armor plates to the arm to make him look a little more armored.