Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dark Eldar Reavers Complete

This one is the closest to the real colors of the squad.  Dang Camera!
Here are my finished Dark Eldar Reavers.  I really like how bloodofkittens painted the face helmets on his trueborn.  I kinda tried a variation on what he was doing, and added a stripe to distinguish this guy as the arena champion with heat lance (magnetized) and possibly power weapon or agonizer.

I must have painted the dark eldar graffiti on the front cowlings about 5 times.  In yellow, turquoise, white and yellow again.  It never seemed to fit.  I went with the streak pattern I put on my venom from awhile back.  I also really didn't like the yellow I airbrushed onto these guys a few months ago, and painted over that too.  The cowl on a few of them look rough.  That was the graffiti getting painted over.  I also need to work on my lighting.  Some came out great, others got a little washed out once I did the photoshop lightening on them.

I got the shiny effect on the helmets by finishing the painting, sealing them with a matte varnish, and then painting on a gloss varnish.  It works well to have the model matte, and then only have parts of the model gloss.  It really makes the glossy part stand out.