Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hive Tyrant conversion

I bought a Mcfarlane Dragon from my brother to turn into a winged hive tyrant.  He had a great model that fit the bill.  I wanted to do a lash whip, bone sword combo because it looks so sinister.  The double talons is probably the better tactical choice, but I wanted this guy to look mean, so I went with the lash whip.
The bone sword is an actual bone I found in the dirt a few years back, when I worked construction.  I hope it is a turkey bone, it doesn't look too human.

The bottom part is the tail of a termagant that was sacrificed in making the tervigon.   I added a small bass guitar string (the g-string) from the sword to his wrist to make it look more attached/organic.

The lash whip is made from the ends of the bass guitar strings, the E, A, and D string.  These are the ends that you cut off when you put the strings on the guitar.  I then just added on some extra trygon spikes on the end.  I drilled into his arm a bit to make it look like the whip was part of him.

Here is a pic for scale.  Kinda looks like St. George vs the Dragon, 40k style.  You can see I used raptor1313's idea to fill in a lot of the neck with hot glue before adding green stuff.  I have since greenstuffed the neck, sword, and lash whips.  I covered the ends of the whips to bulk up the last part of the wire where the coil stopped.  It also helped to make the spikes fit on the whip a little better.  I also finished the base, and have started the painting on the tyrant.  Hopefully he'll be done soon.  

He is rather big, but I know he will draw attention one way or another, so bring it on.