Sunday, May 9, 2010

Space Wolves

OK, I am an official 40k player.  I have played 40k off and on since high school (1989) but have never had a space marine army.  After reading Chapter War, I decided that I understand Space Marines, and yes they are cool.  I have always liked the Space Wolf lore, but not always their models.  The new models are great.   I found a whole army on ebay that was already mostly assembled, but unpainted.  I bought the lot, and here they are. I am planning on magnetizing the razorback and predator, so I can try them out as rhinos or the heavier tanks.  I would like to make a thunderwolf cavalry unit, but will probably wait until I get these guys painted to start on them.  After reading the codex, I am excited to give these superhuman werewolves a try.

The original owner did a great job of assembling these guys.  There are metal space wolf shoulder pads, forgworld parts, and everyone is assembled great.  I am going to add a bunch of combo weapons and some more melta marines around.  He also had ALL the new characters.  It is a sweet army that was assembled very well.

So here is the first trial squad.  I primed them with a grey primer.  Then washed them with devlan mud.  Then I drybrushed them with a 3:1 mix of codex grey and a light blue.  I still have a lot of detailing to do, but like how they are coming along.