Monday, December 19, 2011

Talos WIP part 2

Here is my magnetized, assembled Talos.  The lighting isn't the best. I magnetized both arms with large magnets at the shoulders, and smaller magnets in the elbow.  The tail is magnetized, and so is the gun on the forearm.  I made the custom chain flails with the hook close combat weapon, 2 chains from a venom, and two chains from the raider sprue.  I think the hook weapon looks good with all the chains and hooks.  The gun mount came to me after I tried to mount it on the top of the carapace, on a tail tentacle, and a couple of other failure locations.  The arm looks pretty cool.  Just need to green stuff the hole on the top of the guns.
 You can see I mounted the talos top bony, injector thing on the underside of his legs.  Looks a lot like a spur on a fighting rooster.  May name him Foghorn Leghorn.

 Here are some changes I made to Brutus.  I gave him an extra tentacle arm, mounted the gun up high, and magnetized his arms a bit more. 
 I added a wrack close combat weapon on his left too.  Now to try a web way portal list.  2 Talos, reavers, scourges, big wyche squads, wracks, and probably some beasts.