Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Eldar

With all the shiny new pics, great looking rules, and excitement around the Dark Eldar, it makes me think a couple of things:

1.  Man I want to start the Dark Eldar.  With two armies stagnating in the painting line- I am looking at you Space Wolves and Tyranids- I find it hard to justify buying a new army.  I am a collector along with being a gamer and painter, so the collector side of me wants the new shiny models, and the dark eldar look great.  I haven't even seen most of the new models, and can't wait to see what the flyers look like.  I imagine they look like something batman would be proud to patrol around in.

2.  I can't wait until they redo the Craftworld Eldar rules!  With all the over-the-top rules we see with the latest codices, Craftworld eldar should have some great rules to match.  I may play my craftworlders as 'counts as' dark eldar until I get the figures.  Maybe they will nail the Craftworld Eldar (as they have the dark eldar feel) and give them fewer, elite troops with awesome armor, fearsome weapons, and agile characters.  Also some more harlequin diversity would be great.   I just feel horrible feeding the last few souls of a dying race into the meat grinder with poor armor, ok weapons, and overpriced transports.

3.  From what I have heard from the rules, they have hit the feel and look of Dark Eldar on the nose.  A fragile, hard hitting, horde army with some awesome specialists.  I could see the merciless dark eldar sending masses of regular troops out to battle in horrible 4+,5+ armor, paper light, lightning fast transports, armed to the gills with devastating weaponry supported by some seriously evil specialist troops.

When 3rd edition hit, I had a dark eldar army for a time.  The models weren't that great, and ended up getting sold.  Now I am thinking about getting a dark eldar army again.

So are you going to jump on the Dark Eldar bandwagon?  Let me know why or why not, and if you have pics from the new codex, lets see 'em.