Monday, August 22, 2011

500 point list battle

Our local group is doing an escalation league and we started at 500 points.  I am running dark eldar of course to get my army all done.  My list was:


Haemonculus Venom blade, liquifier gun


5 Warriors, blaster
   in venom with extra splinter cannon

8 Wyches with haywire grenades, hekatrix with venom blade
   in raider with flickerfields and dark lance

Heavy Support
Talos Chain Flails, extra close combat weapon, twin linked splinter cannon.

My opponent had 2 ten man squads of salamanders with a flamer and multi-melta each, and a captain with ccw and bolt pistol.

We played annihilation with pitched battle.  Now I SHOULD have flown around, blasting the mon-keigh until they were whittled down enough, then swoop in for the kill.  Would have been easy, but rather un-sporting.

So I charged in, had him on his last leg looking for the win about turn 3, when he used a strategic know no fear withdrawal that moved 4 guys out of charge range of the talos, who then promptly gunned him down.  Then my wyches  got ran down by the captain after 2 turns of winning close combat and finally losing a turn, failing a moral check, and getting run down.   Then my warriors swooped in, shot up some stuff, got shot in return, failed a moral check, and ran like little girls.  So he won with 3 marines and a captain left.

500 point lists are fun and different to play.  With this list I really needed someone with some close combat punch.  I probably should have gone with an archon supporting the wyche squad, or used a ravager instead of the talos.  The talos was great in CC, which is always fun.  Next time I need to be more of a sneaky git.