Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Klaivex with Demiklaives plus Awesome damage tokens

Here is a Klaivex with Demi klaives I put together from leftover bits.

The body is from the raider hanger-on with the right arm up in the air.  I trimmed off that arm, and replaced it with an arm from a raider sprue.  The blades are from the reaver blade vanes, and handles are from leftover raider spears.  The back vanes come off of the wych sprue.  I like how he came out.  Is he the best use of points?  No, but he is a lot of fun to play.  Last weekend he and a squad of 6 incubi, + Asbrudel had 6 pain tokens by the end of the game.  Lots of fun.  They hit like a hammer.  A hammer with spikes, nails, and razorblades.

Here are some wracks.  I love the finecast resin.  The acothyst had a couple weird bubbles, but I love the conversion potential of the resin.  The Haemo has some magnetized arms.  That will be another post.  You can also see the size of the razorwing on the base.  The guns and missiles are all magnetized.  That'll be a post coming soon too.

 Here are the tokens I made that were AWESOME last battle.  My opponent had 3 leman russes and a baneblade (I didn't know we were playing apocalypse till I got there, but the Dark Eldar held out against the odds for a turn 5 win).  They worked great to mark the stunned, shaken, weapon destroyed etc.  results.  I bought the poker chips at Big Lots for $7 and superglued the printouts from FTW From the Warp counters   site onto them.  I originaly made a batch and glued them onto cardboard, but they weren't that fun to use.  These made some great tokens. I used white for shaken stunned, blue for immobile weapon destroyed, and black for destroyed.  I used plain red for pain tokens, and green for cover save/smoke.  Now just to make up some pics to paste on the red and green tokens.  Would work great for psychic powers/effects too.  They have a nice weight and are sturdy, colorful and fun to use. The Haemo's lower arms are magnetized.  I think I need to magnetized all four.