Thursday, July 7, 2011

Talos, Wracks, Haemonculus

Here are some projects I have been working on.  First, the Talos.  He is almost complete.  Just some detail work to do on a few spots.  I like the tail on the underside better than over-the-top like a scorpion.

The weapon arms are magnetized, and everything is set up to change it into a chronos.  I have a video describing it that I will be posting soon.
Here is the Talos with the Haemonculus, wrack acothyst and wrack with liquifier.  The Haemonculus arms other than the sword are magnetized, as are the left arm of the acothyst and liquifier wrack.  Now I can have WYSIWYG haemonculus so I won't forget what he has, and will make sure and use it. 

 Here are some other variants.  I am going to use this bit off of the Talos for a scissorhand for the Haemonculus.
More options.  Love the new wrack models.