Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dark Eldar Grotesques WIP part two

Here are some shots of how I made the backpacks.

First, I got some cheap nails from Home Depot, cut the heads off for magnetizing something, and use the nail for pinning.

 Here is the Grotesque with a greenstuffed head, and two nails in his back for support of the backpack.  This is so that it doesn't fall off.  I could just see myself building and painting these suckers up, and then one fall off of the table, and the backpack would drop off.  So the nail will stop that.

Next I built up hot glue around the nails.  This will later be covered with green stuff for shaping and painting.

 This guy's backpack is all greenstuff.  I took the hook out of his right hand and gave him another tentacle. I added some parts off of a gargoyle, smaller fish hook with blood angel head, and adjusted his stance to make him more level.

 I traded his sword for an axe made from a raider rudder.  I think it looks a little more brutal, and less sophisticated.

More hooks and chains.

 This guy actually has a sweet shield instead of the spear since I took this picture.

I made a vow to myself to not take anymore sloppy pictures.  My new background is a printout from an internet picture of a backdrop.  Now I just need to find where to get a real, cloth backdrop for some good pics.  A tripod really helps too.