Thursday, June 7, 2012

Map Campaign

So we have a new campaign.  The last one with Hqs gaining experience points and abilities, kinda fizzled out.  It was a nightmare trying to document, verify and distribute all the attributes all 14 or so of the characters had gained or lost.  It also didn't seem to make any difference, in the grand scheme of things, whether you won or lost.  So we switched to a map campaign.  Here is our map after 3 turns.  I am the Kabal of the Flayed skull icon (Large skull) in the upper right.  The central 4 planets are worth 2x monthly income as the other planets. 
We have a rule that every army 500 points or under DOES NOT have to follow the Force organization chart.  So the battles can get pretty crazy.  Every turn you can attack any planet adjacent to a planet you own, or you can scout to any planet in the system that is unoccupied.  The scout games are pickup 500 point games.  You win, you take the planet, lose and no planet for you.  Each planet generates 100 points per turn, central 4 produce 200 points/turn.  It is also Imperium vs Xenos.  Starting with my planet and going clockwise we have:Salamanders, Chaos marines, Black Templar, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, Chaos, Raven Guard, Necron, Space Wolves, Eldar, and more Grey knights. 

My next battle, I am going to challenge the space wolf player at coruscant from Endor.  I will only have 400 points and he will have 500.  Should be fun.