Thursday, June 30, 2016

Imperial knight renegade game

My brother and I got an Imperial Knight Renegade game in.  I had icarus autocannons, rapid fire battle cannon and avenger gatling cannon.  Aric had reaper chainsword, stormspear rocket pod, and rapid fire battle cannon.  We played the mission where you try to destroy each other.
After a couple turns of me shooting everything I had at him, and Aric shooting and charging, He got close enough to start destroying me with the chainsword.  I had like 14 hits on him, but on almost every spot, not one area destroyed.
 After a second turn too close to the sword, Aric destroys three sections for the win.  It's a fun game, quick and deadly.  I think the close combat weapon's ability to choose the target area, and not scatter was the key to winning.