Thursday, June 30, 2016

Orks vs Space Wolves first battle of Hour of the Wolf

Here is my army list.: 
1509 points

Murderfang, pod
5 Wulfen 2 axes, 2 hammer shields, pack leader

8 Wolf Claws, flamer, power fist, wolf guard battler (combi-melta bolt pistol) Pod
9 Grey Hunters 2 melta guns, wolf guard battle leader, (combi-melta, bolt pistol) Pod
9 Grey Hunters 2 Plasma guns, Wolf guard battle leader, (combi-plasma, bolt pistol) Pod

Heavy Support
Fire Raptor gunship  Heavy bolters
 Aric's list
Ork warlord
Badrukk and 6-7 flash Gitz
2-3 big groups of boys with claws
A couple squads of Nobs with assorted nasty weapons
Burna Bomma
Some Grots
Large squad of stormboyz
3 killa cans

Turn One Orks set up in all the fortifications we had- Not enough.  Radar station counts as bastion.  Radar array counts as Las cannon turret. I hit the place with a laser burn, and and planet quake bomb.  I wanted the anti-air dead.
 Wolves drop in.  I picked the raptor to come in for sure turn one (per attacker in planetstrike rules) , because we wanted to see what it could do.
 Turn one shooting casualties.
 The frontal assault
 Ork bommer comes in.
 Storm boys multi-assault into wulfen, claws, and Ragnar.
 Casualties after ork turn one.  Ragnar and wulfen cut down storm boyz before they get to attack.
 Turn Three casualties.  The fire raptor decimated the poorly armored orks, anything that assaulted ragnar or the wulfen were quickly cut down.  And Murderfang destroyed 3 killa cans, a couple ork warbosses and nobs, and was a complete beast.  The plama gunners all killed themselves with gets hot rolls.
 At this point we ended it, and both felt the orks need a new dex, we should have placed more fortifications for the orks, and he should have put the flash gitz in the bastion, surrounded by boys, and not have sent the storm boyz vs my hardest close combat units.   The wolves worked really well.

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