Friday, January 29, 2010

Tervigon WIP

Here is my Tervigon.   He is built with the Carnifex kit.  I wanted the Tervigon to be more horizontal than standing upright.  I also wanted it to be a BIG bug.  So I made it about 1.5 cm wider, and taller.  I replaced the back legs with talons, and magnetized the front arms to use mawloc talons or the carnifex crushing claws.
I built jaw mandibles out of genestealer arms and extra spikey bits from the carnifex kit.
I also made new central chimneys out of 2, 3mm depth plasticard cut to size and carved with a dremel.
Next I built up a framework to support the green stuff out of sprue. 

Now I laid down a layer of greenstuff and will wait for it to dry before doing the final upper layer of armor.  
Now for the birthing canals and baby termagaunts.

tervigon part 2
Tervigon WIP done