Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Converted Nightwing

I have had this Star Trek spaceship in my conversion box for about ten years, and finaly have an idea for it. With some wings from my son's cheap transformer knock-off, a trimmed down falcon turret and some plasticard, I am attempting a Night wing. Here is what I have so far.
The bulky nose section had to go, so it got lopped off with my dremel. Hopefully then it will look a little more eldar-like and less Klingon. (or whatever, I am more of a star wars guy)
In order to get the dimensions on the nose correct, I used a little bit of Algebra. I got a picture of a nightwing, measured the cockpit in the picture and then measured the actual cockpit from the falcon. Then I measured about 5-6 dimensions on the picture, ie: width of flared section, length of cutaway portion, width of cutaway portion, etc. Then I used the formula :
Picture cockpit/actual cockpit=picture width of flared portion/x. Solve for x and repeat for each new dimension. Then I used these dimensions to draw out the nose sections on paper.