Sunday, March 28, 2010

Parasite of Mortrex

Another great Tyranid codex challenge.  An original tyranid warrior, a plastic hormagant, 2 new gargoyles, an old carnifex, and a trygon were mercilessly hacked to pieces for this parasite.  I like how he turned out.  I originaly had a old raverner head on, one with a big, open mouth full of teeth, but I like the Tyranid warrior head better.  I shaved the head crest down a bit to give it a little bit different look.  I added a brass tube to the end of the trygon tail to add the Hypodermic needle look to the tail. 

The wings turned out well.  I painted them with ork hide foundation paint, washed with baal red wash, and then drybrushed the arms with camo green.  Then I added some subtle stripes/veins with the dark green and red washes.  They are very faint, but are easier to see on the actual figure.