Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Female Haemonculus Conversion

Here is a new Haemonculi conversion I did.  I wanted a couple of things:  1) a more dynamic pose 2) 2 cool venom blades, 3) a right handed liquifier gun.  The lower legs are a wrack.  I broke off the right foot and repositioned it.  The upper body front is from a reaver torso with a warrior back.  I added the wrack's back sump and made the liquifier out of a shredder.  I bet the shredders will rock next edition, but right now I can't find a use for them.  A spine/tail will cover the wire.  Greenstuff needs to go in a couple places too.  She has an extra magnet for another weapon if its needed.  

See it painted here Female Haemonculus conversion painted

Also some sniper born.  I like the guy sitting down.