Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Theories on the next Dark Eldar Release

Like most other Dark Eldar lovers, I am anxiously awaiting pictures of the new models.  I know they will be great, but am still wondering what they will look like.  After reading the White Dwarf covering the initial release, I realized that the artists for the codex pictures WERE GIVEN EXAMPLES OF MODELS to base their pictures on.  It wasn't like, "a warp beast has this description, go crazy on what it looks like in your drawings, we'll make models later."  It was more like, "Here are our models for _______ (insert model name here), please draw cool battle pictures depicting these models."

If you look at all the drawings of warp beasts, beast masters, mandrakes, reavers, wyches, incubi, warriors, succubi, etc. etc.  they match the models EXACTLY.  So you want to know what a venom is going to look like?  Check the drawing.  Grotesque?  He is there.  Wrack?  He is in the codex.  Also every drawing depicting grotesques has them looking the same. 

The latest pictures that come out look like a Grotesque head, and maybe the forearm armor of a talos pain engine.  If you look at the drawing of the talos in the codex, it has a lobster-like armored forearm covered with small little spikes. 

The only unknowns are lady malys, asbrudel vect, duke sliscus, and the voidraven.  We have a shot of the razorwing and all the other models that are still to be released. 

Just my 2 Cents.  Let me know what you think they will look like if I am wrong.  I will bet you a squad of mandrakes that I am not.