Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dark Eldar Incubus Test and Finished Trueborn Squad

This dark eldar army is painting itself.  I have the incubi 90% done, and the trueborn squad is almost done as well.  Whenever I take pictures I see a lot of little finishing things I need to do.  Here is the incubus.
I think my favorite parts of the paint job is the sword, and the bone colored head.  The sword blade I painted boltgun metal, washed with devlan mud, and then did fine little stripes with mithril silver.  I did the same thing with the giant razor blades on his back.  The head I painted tallarn flesh, washed with devlan mud, drybrushed with bleached bone, washed with gryphon sepia, and final highlighted with skull white.  The horns were the same colors, but I took the sepia wash to the top of the horn, and then a devlan mud wash only about half way up.

The Trueborn squad looks good together.  I really like the bronze with the silver black and red.  It really makes the squad stand out as elites.  I still have a little bit of finishing work to do.
The Dracon's arms are magnetized as is the backpack.  After much deliberation, I decided to go with a blue/purple skin for the dark eldar.  I like the darker skin like fantasy dark eldar.  It makes them look sinister and alien.

Should I paint some skulls on some of these helmets like the halo reach guy?  I am tempted to paint a couple that way.  What do you all think?