Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dark Eldar Scourge Conversion and my Son's painting

 Here are my first attempt at some scourge conversions.  I finally found a head that I like.  As you can see, it is a Kroot head, with the mandible removed.  I liked the bat wings because a)I had 10 un-built gargoyles, and b)they looked cool.  I will fill in the neck with greenstuff before too long.
I may need to fix the pose on this one.  You can see wych arm, kroot upper head, sawed-off splinter rifle=shard carbine with kroot shoulder sling.
I like this one with the kroot legs as well. He is holding a heat lance which you can tell is a sawed-off splinter cannon with a dental mixing tip on the end.  Needs magnets.
 Here are some head variations I went through before deciding on the final one.  You can see the dark eldar with the spines-looks too indian.  The greenstuffed beak would be great if I was looking to make Donald Duck. You can also see a good top view of my son's angels sanguine marine.

I wanted to have bird men with faces like that in the codex.  By removing the lower half of the head of the kroot, it made for a lot smaller head that fit with the size of the dark eldar.  I also wanted to make the squad in various stages of augmentation.  I thought I would have a few with kroot/birdman legs, a lot with bird heads, maybe some dark eldar heads with kroot spines coming out the back, or a helmet with spines breaking through the back.  I also want to add some adrenaline injectors in the shoulders like in the fluff and drawings in the codex.  I am also going to magnetize the gun variants to be able to swap them out as I see fit, or as they change the rules and make certain guns less effective.
 And here are a couple of my 11 year-old son's paint jobs on his angels sanguine army.  I think he did great.  He painted, assembled, and based them all by himself.