Saturday, October 29, 2011

Female Haemonculus Conversion Painted

I really like the way this model came out.  I finally decided that she needs a light base to contrast the dark of her paint job.  The arms are all magnetized so she can have all kinds of different weapons.  I like how the double venom blades work in games.  The liquifier gun came out pretty cool too.  I really like the different shades of brown, with metal trim, and just a little red. 

The cloak/cape I really wanted to look like worn and dirty leather.  I originally painted it black, then drybrushed, washed and wet-blended every brown paint and ink I have onto it.
The liquifier came out pretty nice.  I painted it mechrite red, followed by blood red.  the highlight on the 'half-full' look is Iyanden Dark sun for the top yellow, then 50/50 Iyanden with mechrite red, and then pure mechrite red.  If you place the yellow first, then the mix as close as possible to the yellow edge, and the the mechrite, you can get some great blending and very thin lines.