Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Campaign game

I have had some requests to keep the points at 750.  Next month we will go to 1000 points for sure.   

These are my ideas for the next battle.

Decapitate the Snake - Imperial Message 456i-w3

The Tyranid, Dark Eldar, and Rogue Trader attack has prevailed again.  We lost our Genetor on the the moon colony.  We have determined that the best course of action is to destroy the leaders of the enemy.  Our reconnaissance has found a base camp of the xenos scum.  The location has been transferred to your Tech-priests.  Capture the Hq at all costs.  He must be questioned and destroyed. 

Axis message

Continue the pressure on the Imperials.  No one must survive our wrath.  All will kneel before us.  No quarter.  No mercy.

Here are my ideas for the October game.  4'x4' table, 750  points.

Imperials deploy 6 inches onto any board edge and have first turn.

Axis deploys in 4 barracks.  Barracks are armor 12 all around, can hold 20 people each, with Jump troops, beasts taking 2 spots, monstrous creatures taking 4 spots.  4 firing slots/windows per facing.   All transports and vehicles are in reserve for Axis and come on first turn, or are put in reserve.  Barracks are buildings with rules as described in the rulebook.

Objective is to capture the axis HQ.   If he is killed in CC, then he is captured by that squad, and is an objective.  Axis can recapture him.  If he is killed by shooting, then he is lost and Axis wins.  He can be transported off of the table by the imperials, but not by the axis.  If he is dead he can be transported by two people who become slow and purposeful.  He is worth 3 points.  Whoever ends the game with him wins.

Axis places the Barracks wherever he likes and must number each barrack.  Then the axis player will note what is in each barracks with restrictions for capacity above.  Yes you can have multiple squads in a barrack, or nothing.  The HQ must be placed in one barrack. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me 

I also want to get a zombie mission put together for fun.  Will work on it.  October means zombie month.