Monday, December 5, 2011

Talos WIP part 1

Here is my latest creation.  I felt like if any 40k model would be unique, it would be the talos.  I liked the floating original, but wanted a Talos with legs.  I thought that the Haemonculi designers would like the talos on stilts.  I could see them laughing when the monstrosity fell over, and struggled to get back up on its pointy feet.  He looks kinda like an attack chicken.  I will definitely magnetize the tail and arms. 
 You can see he has borrowed some painted parts from his finished brother.
 And he is half held together with plasti-tac.  Great stuff.
 I may move the tail gun up to a shoulder mount on a smaller tentacle, and add the chronos tentacles out the back.  I like that look a little better than having the large talos tail with the gun on it. 

And next to the original.  He is a bit taller which is bad for gaming, but I like the look of him.  I have switched around the magnetization and build of the original a little. He's almost done painting.