Friday, April 1, 2016

Thunderwolf mounts done and Snow effects

Finished the Thunderwolf mounts.  Here is a pic of the snow effect after using a matte sealer.  I like it for the most part, but am still learning.  This snow is just Elmer's white glue and baking soda.  I found I like it best with a few pointers:
1.push the glue around with a paint brush to thin it down a bit.
2.put a lot of soda on the glue
3. Don't blow the excess off, but tap the model sideways, to keep some 'skif' of snow in depressions on the base.  That way it looks more natural.

 The riders are not complete, but I REALLY liked the light layer of snow on the two bases closest to the camera.  The matte sealant kinda melted the really thin layer of soda.