Friday, January 1, 2010

Farseer and council on Jetbike

Originaly I thought these guys would be a little overkill, and not fun to play against. After getting trashed a few times, I thought it was time for a hard hitting, lasting eldar unit. I saw Path of the Outcast's seer council and stole a lot of his ideas. I loved the upright seer council. His jetbike was a bit hard to copy, so I modified my own.
I cut the lower part of the bike and moved the wings/jets back. I also thought that the psychic eldar didn't need handlebars or footpegs. Those are for guardians, so I shaved them off. This way the council is in a much more regal upright position ready to deal out some pain. The bodies are dark elf, cold one riders as are most of the head parts. I put the cool dark elf helmet pieces on gaurdian heads to spruce them up a bit.
I am still undecided on the rooster tails. I think they work well to distinguish them from the other jetbikes in the army. I also can't decide which should be the farseer. Originaly I thought the one with the mace in his left hand and Yriel's spear in the right, but now I like Yriel's left hand guy. It looks like he is frying some poor marine's mind while he is flying. We'll see.