Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2000 pt Dark Eldar

So here is the list I am looking at for my Dark Eldar army.

Duke Sliscus   150
Lelith Hesperax  175

5 Incubi, Klaivex  195
   in Venom 2x Splinter Cannons, Chain Snares 210

9 Kabalite Trueborn, 4 blasters, 4 CCW + splinter pistol (Duke Sliscus with the Trueborn)
   Dracon, phantasm grenade launcher, agonizer
   in Raider Dark lance, Flickerfields, chainsnares   288


10 Kabalite Warriors, Dark Lance 115

10 Wyches, Hydra Gauntlets, Shardnet and impaler
   Hekatrix, agonizer
   in Raider, dark lance, flicker shields, chainsnares  225

9 Wyches, Hydra Gauntlets (Lelith here)
   Hekatrix, , Agonizer
   in Raider, Dark Lance, Flicker shield, chainsnares 215

Fast Attack

6 Reavers 2 Heat lances 156

6 Reavers 2 Cluster Caltrop 164

Heavy Support

Ravager 105
Ravager 105
Ravager 105

1988 Pts      3 Raiders, 3 Ravagers, 1 Venom, 12 Reavers including 13 dark lances, 4 blasters, 2 heat lances.

I know a lot of people won't like the Trueborn with ccw and pistols, but they come stock with 2 attacks which means 4 attacks on the charge.  They are also ablative wounds for the duke and the blaster Trueborn.

The whole army rushes forward except the foot warrior squad and Ravagers.  The Reavers fly around annoying people.  I also really like the chainsnares on the raiders and venom.  Once they have dumped off their troops, they can still chainsnare and hopefully break a few squads in the movement phase and let the shooty parts of the army break them further in the shooting phase.    I like the phantasm grenade launchers on the wyches so they can take out a squad in cover ( I removed the PGLs after realizing that the wyches come with plasma grenades.  I have been playing them wrong! So those are gone).  I also really like agonizers, but wonder if the points would be better spent somewhere else.

I have been busy assembling everything, which isn't too exciting.  I will post what I have built so far, which includes the duke, lelith, the warriors, 12 Reavers, 3 Ravagers, 3 Raiders, the Venom, 10 incubi, and 8/10 trueborn.  Almost there.  Just need to get two more blasters, assemble the wyches and I am good to start painting.