Monday, January 24, 2011

Dark Eldar Rule

After playing a few games with the Dark Kin, I have remembered why I originally got addicted to eldar.  The dark eldar do the eldar thing better than the craftworlders right now.  Here are some reasons I love them.

1. Splinter cannons Rule.  The ability to choose heavy 6 or assault 4 on a long range, poison weapon rocks.  It goes great with: warrior squads, venoms, trueborn with the Duke, or strawberry jam on toast.

2.  Shadow fields.  Sure its not terminator armor, but a 2+ save rocks.  Its kinda fun when it shorts out (unless it was  a power fist that got through-then big squish) because then you really have to decide whether you are ready to throw your powered up archon into a fight in only his 5+ dark eldar skivvies.  Why not, he is a dark eldar.  We'll grow more in the lab. 

3.  Trueborn.  These guys rock.  4 blasters, deepstriking in a venom next to a landraider, or a squad of carbines and splinter cannons with the duke is money.

4. Reavers and Chainsnares.  Natfka posted a great blog entry about reaver tactics at ( he has a LOT of great dark eldar stuff too.  If you haven't yet, go check his site out) reaver tactica and using the movement phase to increase your chance of breaking units multiple times in a turn to scoot some units right off of the table.  So break them in the movement phase, then again in the shooting phase, and they are gone.  NO ONE else can cause casualties in the movement phase. 

5.  Wyches in close combat.  I love the 4+ invulnerable in close combat.  You have a bunch of power weapons?  you got lightning claws?  power fist?  who cares?  I got some major fast chicks in leather that can jump out of the way.

Lastly is how they play.  Fast, in your face and versatile.  Long range antitank? check.  Anti infantry?  Check.  Speed?  Check.  Cool models? Check.  More than one army build that works?  Check.  They have great shooting options, great close combat options, great wargear options,

I am keeping my army built around models that are currently available.  I am most excited about scourges.  If I were a dark eldar, I would have the local Haemy change me into a scourge.  I don't know if I would deliver messages all the time, but flying around Commoragh would be sweet.  Also I know I will be buying as many razorwings and bombers as possible when they show up.  May have to change the blog to Dark Eldar Addict.   Love 'Em.  All we need is a dark eldar titan.  Also, if I were a dark eldar Haemonculus, I think my wracks would be a lot more good looking.  They are pretty much intense plastic surgeons, so why build ugly looking helmeted monstrosities?  I would build a bunch of Pamela Andersens that could kick some major butt.

So what do you like about the new Dark Eldar?