Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dark Eldar Army so far

Here is the army assembled so far.  There are 3 ravagers, 3 raiders, 10 warriors, 9 trueborn, 5 wyches, duke Sliscus, Lelith Hesperax, 12 reavers, 10 Incubi, and a Venom.
I went with a two-sail design on the ravagers and raiders.  This one doesn't have the driver on it, but I raised the rear sail about a centimeter to make room for the driver.  The rods I found that worked the best, were from a Bionicle set.


My Duke Sliscus with the twin venom blades, and my Tron-esque trueborn squad.  I got the Duke's right arm from fantasy, dark-elf, corsair arms.  I need to green-stuff around the magnets on all the leader's magnetized arms.  Eldar are really tough to hide magnets, but a little green-stuff works great to hide them.

More Trueborn.
Trueborn again.  I like the reaver heads to differentiate them from regular warriors.

Wyches squad so far.


I want to paint the army in a black/dark red theme.  I originaly was going to use the kabal of the obsidian rose, but couldn't get behind the rose theme.  I have used birds for my craftworld eldar, and am getting excited about birds for the dark eldar again.  Probably crows, ravens or something like that.  Kabal of the murder of crows?  Kabal of the Raven?  Still don't have a great name.