Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Plan, New Models

This year I have settled on a new plan to keep up the modeling momentum.  It seems I get going on something, set some grand plans, and then get burned out.  So this year I am going to switch armies each month.  January will be Dark Eldar, February Tyranids, March Eldar, April Space Wolves.  I plan to paint, model, and play only that army during the given month.

Here are the lists I have been working on:

Dark Eldar:
Archon:  huskblade, soultrap, shadow field, combat drugs, phantasm grenade launcher.

Lileth Hesperax:

5 Incubi, raider, shock prow (Archon here)

9 trueborn, 5 cc weapons and splinter pistols, 4 blasters, raider, shock prow (Lileth here)

 5 Incubi, venom, 2 splinter cannons, chainsnares


10 wyches, hydra gauntlets, hekatrix agonizer, raider, shock prow.

20 warriors 2 dark lances

5 wyches, shardnet and impaler, hekatrix, agonizer, venom 2 splinter cannons, chainsnares

Fast attack:

6 Reavers 2 heat lances

6 Reavers 2 cluster caltrops

Heavy Support

3 Ravagers, night shield, flicker fields

Being a longtime eldar player, I know how frustrating strength 3 can be, so I included the agonizer.  I like the mark of the wulfen-  I mean hydra gauntlets on the witches for slicing and dicing.  I put the five wyche squad together because I need another raider.  I see them as an annoyance, tag team group that won't get targeted for awhile because of their limited size/usefulness.  But used in conjunction with the other cc squads they could work out just fine.  And of course the 20 warriors camp in cover.  I have found that I like to run a mixed close combat and shooty army.  The Reavers I think you need to keep cheap and focused so, the two separate purpose units. I don't have my codex handy, but hope it comes in around 2000 points. 

Tyranid list 2000 pts



2 Tyrant guard

Parasite of Mortrex


2 Hive Guard

2 Hive Guard

3 Zoanthropes


Tervigon Catalyst,

Tervigon Catalyst,

10 termagants

16 termagants with devourers

Fast Attack

25 Gargoyles, adrenal glands, toxin sacs

Heavy Support

Trygon, Adrenal Glands

Trygon, Adrenal Glands

Tyrannofex, Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae.

Again I need to check point values, but the Swarmlord marches up the middle behind the Zoanthropes, with the tyrannofex in tow, the parasite works with the gargoyles, and the tervigons and trygons do their thing.  I may put the Zoanthropes and devourer gaunts in pods for some spore mayhem.