Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eldar Autarch on Jetbike

This guy almost won me a painting competition over at Fritz's Saim-hann blogsite. I love the new autarch rules. I built this guy before the new autarch model was available. The reaper launcher is magnetized under the wing, and can be replaced with a fusion gun, or just removed. The body is from Baharroth, and so are the wings. I just cut the wings apart and glued them directly on top of the jetbike wings. I used a dremel to remove Baharoth's arms, head and legs. I liked the hawk motif on his chestplate and painted it onto the jetbike canopy. The scenic base is actually a part of a dog chew toy which looked rather eldarish. He has another back banner which needs to be fixed.
I love this guys 6 strength six power weapon attacks on the charge. I usually put him with my shining spears to get the added bonus of hit and run. I usually don't add the reaper launcher, but want to give it a try soon.