Saturday, February 7, 2009

Revenant Titan part 2

The Revenant is about 80% done. I have been trying out freehand painting, and it has been coming along pretty well. I painted the shoulder pads light yellow and then drew the designs on the shoulders with a mechanical pencil. Once I had a design I liked, (pilfered from Warhammer fantasy elves) I put the paint to the drawing. They came out pretty good. I still have a few touch-ups to do on them.
The Stipple pattern was done by first spray painting most of the model a medium blue, and then stippling layers of storm blue, enchanted blue, and finaly regal blue. I found that a twisting-dabbing pattern with the brush worked well with thick paint. If the paint got too watery, then the stipple pattern became very round. With thick paint I was able to get an interesting stipple pattern.
I have been considering what to do on the back fin. I don't like what is there now. I am thinking of doing a dark brown vine pattern over the yellow and white sections. We'll see how it turns out.