Friday, February 20, 2009

Eldar Warwalkers squad #2

I love the new warwalker squadrons! These guys are ALWAYS in my army. I have another 6 for a grand total of 9, or 3 squads of three. I would never arm these guys this way, but these weapons are the ones that are painted. The guns are all magnetized which make it easy to switch and keep my opponents on their toes. I was playing Mass Effect when I started painting these guys, and that is where I got the inspiration for the racing stripes. I also did the salt-spray paint method for the stippling, but found that the two blues I used were too close together and didn't have enough contrast, and so I had to do some stippling to finish the effect. I love the eldar scenic bases, and added some shells and rocks to each to make each unique. On the walker on the left, I washed over the base with an oil wood stain. I like the look, and will do it again on future models.
I almost always put these guys out on the first turn. Nine warwalkers gets people's attention.