Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clearer Haemonculus picture

This morning, Natfka at natfka.blogspot.com posted this clearer picture of our new resin Haemonculus.  I like it.  Looks a little like a flying squirrel pose, but I like the different weapon options that can be added.  Take that tyranids, we Dark Eldar can have 6 limbs too!  It looks like he has a liquifier, venom blade, mindphase/flesh gaunlet, and a casket of flensing?  Or it could be a super soaker, large dog treat, 'We're number 1 foam finger, and a box of chocolates.  Either way, it looks like they are going to give us the options for all the different wargear so you can have a WYSIWYG HQ.    I want 6.  And 30 resin Wracks, and 6 resin grotesques.  Now where to get 9 dark lances after dropping the ravagers for 3 talos/chronos, and a webway haemonculi army.  Muhuhaahaaahaaaa.