Monday, May 16, 2011

New Haemonculus Picture

Here is a clearer picture of the same model clearer haemonculus picture
So here is a new picture I found on Warseer.  The poster wrote, "New Dark Eldar resin miniature
from a picture taken by's DeusExMachina of a poster at the GW store in Hamburg"
It looks like it is going to be a great looking model.

So it looks like the Haemonculi are on the way.  None too soon, I say.  I played a team game with 2500 pts per player over the weekend and LOVED my Haemonculi.  I had three regular Haemonculi.  Two with wych squads in raiders, and one in a warrior squad with a dark lance.  All three squads loved the addition of the haemonculi.  The warriors had a drop pod full of vanguard vets drop next to them, and only lost two due to some great feel no pain rolls, and the wychs had to open some rhinos themselves,(ravagers were busy with 2 vindicators) with their haywire grenades and only lost two to rapid fire bolters from the mon-keigh inside, again due to feel no pain.  Then they helped to clean up both squads.  I love the Haemonculi.  I believe wyches really need it, and anyone outside of a transport need it too.  I tried some casket of flensing, and shattershard to mixed results.  Venom blades are great, but I would like an agonizer on each too.  I love Hekatrixs with agonizers.
The reavers did really well.  I ran 2 squads of six with 2 heat lances each.  They are easy to get into the right spot.  My squad of ten scourges with 4 heat lances took down a storm raven, only to get eaten by mephiston inside.  I really hate that guy.  I am wondering if longer range weapons would be better for the scourges, or if they need something else.  They don't like close combat.

I am loving my dark eldar army.  They are so fun to play.

My 3000 points of space wolves are amazingly close to being done.  Play worthy at least.  I have had to put off a LOT of desire to paint/model dark eldar to get these guys done for a mega-battle.  Can't wait to get them done.  Then back to the dark kin.