Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Dark Eldar

This morning was a bit like Christmas for me.  All the forums said today was the day for the advance order new dark eldar to go up.  They were right.  If you haven't seen them somewhere else, here they are Dark Eldar advance order 
  When I was finally able to see them, I am amazed.  I almost want to sell my Space Wolves or Tyranids to get a load of the new models.  ALMOST.  

I am excited that my previous venoms and scourges will look pretty close to the new models.  I really like the bird wings on the new models, but also love the bat wings as well.  I may buy a couple of boxes and mix them in with my other scourges.  I really like the chronos and talos pain engines too.  They look better than the picture in the codex, which was sweet.  I need a couple of those as well.  Also the jet fighter over at Naftka's site  razorwing-jetfighter-pics look awesome.

Dark Eldar are the coolest models in the game.  Easy.