Monday, May 23, 2011

New Wracks and Grotesques

 These pics showed up this morning at a bunch of sites.  I really like the Wracks.  I would love to run 20 of these guys with Haemonculus support.  They would have Feel No Pain, and Furious charge from the get go, with only strength 8 or above cancelling out the FNP.  I really like their funky backpacks, but will need some adjustments on their arms and skirt poses.  It looks like they are going to be resin, which will be great for converting.  I bet they are going to be spendy though.
Grotesques look great.  I like the heads, the body, and overall feel of them.  Looks like they need some work to get them looking a little different.  I can see the arms and legs getting repositioned to look more unique. Those hands look like they need a basketball in them.  "hey look guys, I can palm the ball!"  Great models though overall.   Its great to be a Dark Eldar at the moment.  Great looking models, fun codex with a lot of options, lots of toys.  The nice thing about a lot of options in a dex, is that people aren't always exactly sure what to do with all your options.  They have seen thunderwolves, grey hunters, mephiston, hive guard etc.  a million times and have their ways to deal with them.  Grotesques?  scourges?  Wracks?  What do they do?