Thursday, May 5, 2011

Using Markers for shading and Dark lining

Here is a pic of the final shoulder pad that I shaded with the brown marker.  
Space Wolf shoulder pad before.
Shoulder pad with one single brown line around the edge.  Some people may just leave the pad like this, which looks good.

Extra ink for shading.
Next, I got a 10-0 brush damp with clean water and blurred the edges.  It takes a little work to get a smooth transition.  I also found that sometimes it was beneficial to leave a little bit of 'inky' water on the brush, and other times, I wanted to clean it and remove some more ink.  After I was done, I also used the marker again on the very edge to make sure it was nice and dark right at the edge.
 I also found that it worked well to add a dark line around the edges of tanks.  Paint is hard to get a constant line.  With a marker, you can get a very precise, even, dark line around the edges.

You can see where I did it on this rhino.
Another WIP rhino.  I found that the orange marker gave a good light brown color on top of the blue.  I tried the brown, and it looked too black.  I like the non waterproof markers, because then you can fix any spots where you go too crazy, and can blend if you like.  My wife has some permanent ones that I may have to 'borrow' for some tests.