Friday, December 18, 2009

Mega Battle

We had our semi-annual mega battle last weekend. It was a load of fun. We had 6 guys per side, each with 3000 points. Orks vs imperial and Eldar. My Revenant ended up being MVP of the match. He dropped the Gargant 2nd turn after the imperials dropped his shields. In one turn he took 8 structure points off the ork monstrosity. Next he gave a squigoth 4 wounds. Then he turned and dropped a Stompa. After the Reaver was destroyed by the gargant, a stompa, a ork dreadnought and a few other things, the Revenant took the last structure point off of the second gargant. The only target left was an ork gibbletgrinda which he destroyed in one turn. His eldar shields saved him about 8 times from any harm.

My converted nightwing did well too. It is fun to be able to move it wherever you want to take something out. Most people want to be able to destroy something for sure instead of taking a pot shot at the nightwing. His eldar holofields saved him a couple of times as well. Gotta love the holo fields. It was a lot of fun, everyone was a great sport and a lot of things blew up. What else could you want in a 40k game?