Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wraith Knight WIP

 So here is my latest project.  The wraith knight is magnetized at the arms, and has magnets for shoulder mounted weapons.  I also magnetized him at the waist and head for painting and travel.

He is mostly painted with the airbrush.  I wish i had taken more pics of him along the way.  After airbrushing brown over a cream undercoat, i did a heavy washe with seraphim sepia,   Drybrushed with the cream color, and then washed again with sepia.

I also wished I had left his weapons off his arms until after I had painted them with the airbrush.  I painted the arms to completion first, which meant I had to tape off the arms when I airbrushed them blue.  It wasn't the end of the world, but it would have been easier if they weren't glued together.

I still have a lot of painting to go, and work to do on the base.  Stay tuned.