Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wraith knight progress and mistakes

Here are some pics of the wraith knight. I like how he is coming along, and haven't worked on him for a while.

The sword shows a mistake that happened because I got impatient. I taped up half the sword, airbrushed it, and then let it sit for 15 minutes. Then I took the tape off, and taped off the other half of the sword, taping over the part I painted just 15 minutes earlier. After painting and removing the tape, you can see where the tape took some of the paint off. Should have waited 24 hours or so to ensure the paint had dried before taping over it. 

I have found that Elmer's white glue works wonders for the decal/transfers. I put down a mix of thinned down Elmer's in the spot where I wanted the transfer, soaked the transfer for 30 seconds, put the transfer in place with a paint brush, and then cover the transfer with Elmer's.  Then remove any extra water or Elmer's. The glue helps it stick and gets rid of any shininess and covers the edges of the transfer.