Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eldar Avatar

This Avatar has been about 12 years in the making.  I got him to a decent base coat, and then left him for a long time.   When I bought him, he came on a square base.  I like how he turned out.  I have a few little things to do to finish him, but needed to post him.  Here he is.   The sword was airbrushed a little,  Yellow really doesn't cover anything.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apocalypse Game

We had a great Horus Heresy Apocalypse game last weekend.  We had 6 guys with 3k per person.  We all set up across 3 tables, and then found out who was imperial, and who was Traitor.  Then the Imperials got 1 point for every unit that spent one whole turn on the central bastion, which was our "pick up zone".  The Traitors got one point for each unit completely destroyed.

We ruled that the unit had to be within 3 inches of the pad to be taken away.  I was playing my wolves.  The imperial side included my wolves, the Salamanders across from me, and the raven guard to my direct left.  The traitors ended up including the iron warriors (across and to the right) , Khorne, (across and to the left), and Imperial Fists(to my direct right).  We ended Imperial 25 to traitor 22.

 Great looking Storm Eagle.

 I sent the vindicator, landraider full of blood claws, and the long fangs against the imperial fists.  The rest of the army raced for the teleporter, and I got most of them off of the planet.
 The green termies above caused some major havoc amidst the Iron Warrior lines, destroying vindicators, defilers, rhinos, and a few other things.

The awesome, custom made throne of skulls caused some major damage, and that huge pizza plate kept dropping on our units around the evac pads.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obligatory 6th edition speculation, fear, excitement post

Like everyone else in the 40k universe, I have been reading all the rumors I can find, about the new rules.  From what I have seen it is going to change a lot.  I like change.  I like having to figure out how to use my armies/playstyles under the new set of rules. 

Dark Eldar

I think know that the dark kin are going to miss out on the psychic phase.  I feel like the armies that have no psychic powers are gaining some abilities in other areas.  For Dark Eldar, it looks like the jink and flyer rules are our new redeeming abilities.  But if jink gives you a 5+ save, why would anyone ever get a flickerfield?  Also I am hoping that flyers are always hit at BS 1, even when only flying 12".   Also, kill points look to be out, so victory points work better for us, with a lot of cheap transports.  BRING ON THE VOIDRAVEN!


I don't know what you all think, but Eldar have always been the kings of psychic powers, according to the fluff.  In this new edition, they only get 2/5 of the powers, while most imperial factions get 4/5?  How does that work?  Other than that, we just really need a new Codex.


The monstrous creatures seem to be getting a much needed boost.  I would love to see a couple tyrannofexes next to a tyrant, giving them preferred enemy that re-rolls to hit rolls.  And it would be great to see a trygon open up a landraider by doubling its strength for a couple less attacks. 

Space Wolves

The Wolves should be fine, because they are an imperial army.  If all the Close combat weapon rumors pan out, and power weapons are ap3, then I really want to make a drop pod terminator army.  I have always had a love hate relationship with them.  At first I hated terminators, when playing against them.  And love to use an army of them, or use them in Space Hulk.  I think they should get  a boost in 40k.  They are supposed to be super tough, and can die pretty easily to a lot of stuff right now.

So what do you think?  Anything I missed for any of the armies?  I am sure there is a lot I have missed for these armies.  Let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Map Campaign

So we have a new campaign.  The last one with Hqs gaining experience points and abilities, kinda fizzled out.  It was a nightmare trying to document, verify and distribute all the attributes all 14 or so of the characters had gained or lost.  It also didn't seem to make any difference, in the grand scheme of things, whether you won or lost.  So we switched to a map campaign.  Here is our map after 3 turns.  I am the Kabal of the Flayed skull icon (Large skull) in the upper right.  The central 4 planets are worth 2x monthly income as the other planets. 
We have a rule that every army 500 points or under DOES NOT have to follow the Force organization chart.  So the battles can get pretty crazy.  Every turn you can attack any planet adjacent to a planet you own, or you can scout to any planet in the system that is unoccupied.  The scout games are pickup 500 point games.  You win, you take the planet, lose and no planet for you.  Each planet generates 100 points per turn, central 4 produce 200 points/turn.  It is also Imperium vs Xenos.  Starting with my planet and going clockwise we have:Salamanders, Chaos marines, Black Templar, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, Chaos, Raven Guard, Necron, Space Wolves, Eldar, and more Grey knights. 

My next battle, I am going to challenge the space wolf player at coruscant from Endor.  I will only have 400 points and he will have 500.  Should be fun. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Venom Mark I Retrofitted

Here is my original Venom I converted from an Eldar Vyper.  (Original link  Venom Mark I)
After the official version came out, I decided I needed magnetized over/under splinter cannons.  I Got the parts off of ebay, and got to work.  The gunner has the wyche legs and warrior body.  I found the right size drill bit, and drilled a hole for the splinter cannon peg.  The gunner also has a small magnet on her left foot to hold her to the venom.

The gun underneath is from the venom kit.  I glued a larger magnet in place below the venom, and then put a cutout, round piece of sheet metal on the gun mount, so that it will stick to the magnet, and not take up too much room.

 I have been using a 50/50 mix of white glue and water for my decals.  I place some glue water mix where I want the decal, cut and soak the decal for 30 secs, and then place it.  I then use a paint brush to remove the extra glue, and put some glue over the top of the decal with a paint brush.  The Broken Sigil on this side went on well, not so well on the decal below.  May have to paint over the white areas you can see above the skull.

Link before the gunner and under-slung splinter cannon were added Venom Mark I

Friday, April 13, 2012

Custom Talos WIP and Space Hulk Mission List

Here is my WIP talos.  Trying to get him painted up for our map based campaign that is launching with a Space Hulk mission.
I still need to do a lot of painting.  He needs more tiger stripes on his legs, and abdomen .  I also changed up his hand weapon a bit, by adding the blade and spike out the back.  It is magnetized, as are the arms at the shoulders and the elbows.

 For the mission, there are NO FOC restrictions, and I know there are going to be a lot of  Terminators and Dreadnoughts.

So here is my list for the Space Hulk Mission:

Lord Vraesque     Huskblade, Soul-trap, Shadow Field.  Still no eyes.

Archon  Huskblade, Soul-trap, Shadow Field.   (Still a lot of painting to do on him.)

Haemonculus Ancient, Splinter Pistol, Agonizer, Casket of Flensing, Liquifier gun
Haemonculus Splinter pistol, Agonizer, Liquifier gun, Shattershard
6 Incubi.  The central planet of the map campaign is named Helios, so its on the banner.  Again, the Incubi are about 75% done.  Still some touch-ups and detail to add.
6 Incubi.  More painting to do yet.
Talos "Tony"  Chain Flails, twin linked splinter cannon, extra CCW.

 Talos "Brutus"  Chain Flails, twin linked splinter cannon, extra CCW.

999 points.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lord Vraesque Archon of the Kabal of the Flayed Skull

Here is my almost complete archon.  I like how he is coming along.  Everything but the eyes.  I have done them about three times, and each time destroy my facial highlighting.   Still struggling with lighting.  It is amazing how a black silk background changes the lighting compared to the green paper background.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Space Wolves and Tyranid Models

These great pictures are from Warseer and also at Faet 212 
He has listings of prices and everything. 

Wow. these pics are great.  Love the models.  I have been itching to bring the space wolves and Tyranids out of the closet, and now it looks like I have a reason to.  That Tervigon is Massive!Check out how big he is next to that Trygon!  Awesome.

The Tyrant looks a lot like the last one.  Now I don't have to throw away my Swarmlord.  Don't think I will buy this guy, unless I need another Tyrant.

 This is what I would like my Space Wolf army to look like.  Lots of wild wolves running amidst the power armored vikings.  I think Arjac is the guy with the round shield and little gold anvil on top of his armor, standing right under the Swarmlord, or Seniore of the swarm.  There is the cyberwolf right in front.
This guy looks great too.  "Say hello to my little friend."
Great looking wolves.  I like the large upper bodies and thinner waists.  They look very wolfy and not so much like a giant squirrel.  I like the servo leg.  Need 6 of them.
Fenrisian wolves rock!  No more chaos warhound wannabees.
I almost like this gun better.Is that a third gun on the upper small picture? 
Harpy looks great too(Actually is the winged hive tyrant).  Not too big, not too small. The only problem I have with the model is, where are the other two weapon arms supposed to go?  The wings are in the upper arm spots, leaving nowhere to put his other weapons.  WTH  (What the Heck, for us non-swearers) 
This momma rocks too!  I love the curved back, looks a lot like the forge world monstrosity.  Need one or two more of these. Should be Mamasita of the swarm.