Saturday, May 26, 2012

Venom Mark I Retrofitted

Here is my original Venom I converted from an Eldar Vyper.  (Original link  Venom Mark I)
After the official version came out, I decided I needed magnetized over/under splinter cannons.  I Got the parts off of ebay, and got to work.  The gunner has the wyche legs and warrior body.  I found the right size drill bit, and drilled a hole for the splinter cannon peg.  The gunner also has a small magnet on her left foot to hold her to the venom.

The gun underneath is from the venom kit.  I glued a larger magnet in place below the venom, and then put a cutout, round piece of sheet metal on the gun mount, so that it will stick to the magnet, and not take up too much room.

 I have been using a 50/50 mix of white glue and water for my decals.  I place some glue water mix where I want the decal, cut and soak the decal for 30 secs, and then place it.  I then use a paint brush to remove the extra glue, and put some glue over the top of the decal with a paint brush.  The Broken Sigil on this side went on well, not so well on the decal below.  May have to paint over the white areas you can see above the skull.

Link before the gunner and under-slung splinter cannon were added Venom Mark I