Monday, June 14, 2010

Painted Falcon

I bought this baby like 12 years ago, and finally got up the courage to paint it.  I have been pulling out my eldar again to finish a 3000 point army for an apocalypse game.  So I finished this falcon, and three Wave Serpents.  I am pleased with the freehand work, and wish I had left some room open on the wave serpents for more freehand work. I have gone with a bird motif on my eldar.  The revenant, autarch, and now the falcon have birds on them.  Kinda like the 70's firebird with the sweet eagle on the hood.  I think the eldar would have loved the 70's.

I got the design for the hawk off of a snowboard design that I liked.  Drew it on with pencil, and then started painting. It only took about 15 minutes total.  The key is to get a design you really like, and then get the pencil as close as possible.  Then the painting is easier.  The Geometric pattern I made up myself. 

You can see the yellow looks a little 'splotchy' on the turret.  I originaly stippled it blue with the rest of the tank, and then decided to paint it yellow afterward.  After a coat of white, yellow white mix, and then yellow, the darker blue bled up into the paint as a brown color.  I decided to leave it instead of painting twenty more yellow and white coats on.  Also, I used a fine tip sharpie to outline the falcon and the sun pattern but moved the lines to make them more symetrical.  The sharpie kept bleeding up through the white/beige too.  It took about 7 layers to finally cover it up. 

I have had a revelation on my magnetizing.  On larger pieces like the turret and chin mount, it is easier to put a magnet (6mm) on the tank, and then a piece of sheet metal on the weapon.  Two larger magnets end up either breaking the model when you get them close together, or pulling out of the model and sticking together.  I got the sheet metal from a dry-erase board my wife threw away.  The metal is very thin, and easy to cut and shape.  Works like a charm.

I have always liked the falcon model, and am excited to blow up some mon-keigh upstarts.