Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dark Eldar Grotesque Conversions - Work in Progress

I got the original idea from Eye of Terror at this post Grotesques. 
These are a lot of fun to make.  I tried to think about what I would least like to get attacked with, and came up with these weapons.  I got the idea for the first guy from the latest Sherlock Holmes movie.  Great movie.  Hooks = Ouch.

This guy is my least favorite, and will probably get a change. 

Here is the aberation with a scissor-hand.  It is magnetized in case I want to switch out his weapon.  
 I like the way this guy turned out.  He will have a wych braid of hair out the back.

 For the liquifier grotesque, I wanted it to look like he had a great vat of disgusting stuff on his back that he was spraying out of the liquifier.  I may put enemy parts out the top of it, as though he is blending them up and spraying them on his foe.

 And a family shot with the half-painted wrack cousins for scale.
 They still need some work.  All of their heads are held on with plasti-tac, and I am debating on making a meat backpack for them.  I kinda like them the way they are, but like what Lucky 5 did over at eye of terror.  Thanks again to lucky for sharing the idea.  He is the mastermind behind these guys.