Friday, January 29, 2016

Storm Wolf WIP

 WIP Storm Wolf.  still needs a lot of work.  Need to tone down the streaks.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lukas and Harald

With winter hitting, I got the itch to start wolves again.  Here are some WIP pics of Lukas and Harald.
For airbrushing, I use a grey primer, then airbrush with vallejo intermediate blue, making sure to get all the under surfaces covers. Then after it dries, I prime grey again, in a top-down spray, leaving the dark blue on the lower parts.  Then I airbrush a custom mix of light blue, grey and true blue.  It mixes well with the grey primer to get the blue of my wolves.  Too much airbrushing this color on, ruins the mix.
 After airbrushing, I drybrushed with Enchanted Blue (now Caledor Sky)
 Flesh and Hair.
 For the runes, I left the blue in the rune, and dry brushed the grey over.  Then finished patching up the grey.

 For my gold, I start with tin bitz, then dry brush gehenna's gold, then Auric armor gold.

They both still need some work.