Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wolf Guard Terminators

I have been getting excited about an all Terminator Wolf Guard army.  I have about 50 terminators to be put together. I am magnetizing all of them to be able to change out weapon load-outs after trying them in battle.
 Wolf claw and power fist adds 15 pts, for 48 pts.  He can choose initiative 4 ap3 attacks, or initiative 1 ap 2 attacks.  Both get +1 attack because the claw and fist are both specialist weapons.
 A little overpriced for the hammer and shield, but he looks dang cool.
 Only his left arm is magnetized.  Dark angel power sword arm there.
 Power axe and shield.  Only 48 pts again.
 I will get rid of the chaos star on the axe before painting.  I like the cleaver look though.

He has a claw back there.
Now only about 40 to go.
 Rune priest in Terminator armor.
 Two claws-again not the best use of points, but looks cool.
They all will be airbrushed like this chap.  The cyclone is magnetized, but I will probably just glue them on in the future.