Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wave Serpent Prototype

Here is my 80% complete Wave Serpent. I usually like to get things almost done, and then let them sit on the shelf while I hem and ha over how to do the finishing touches. I want to add some freehand, either keeping with the eagle theme I have on other models, or go with a dragon/serpent theme since it is a wave serpent. I like to paint a prototype to completion before doing a whole squad. Each time I paint a model, I learn a lot about the paint I am using, and what works and what makes things take forever. Once this one is done, I have four more tanks to paint in an assembly line. I also am trying to figure out how to add some sweet banners to the tanks. Banners used to be a lot bigger about ten years ago, but I still likes me some banners.

In taking this picture, I realized that my little, old, point and shoot canon A520 takes better miniature pics than my $1000 new camera. ( I probably need to just figure out the new one).

So here is a better pic of Karandras too where you can actually see him. (CLick on pics for Ultra Zoom)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Man Cave

I'm Royce's little brother, Aric. I followed his advice and made my own office by cleaning out a storage room. Here it is. I finally have a space where the ankle biters won't invade. I have 4 armies. Black Templar, Orks, Tau, and Imperial Guard. I'm currently working on some lizard mounted rough riders. I should have some pictures up soon.