Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tyrannofex MK I and shrinky dink bone swords part II

I have decided that I love to build Monstrous Creatures.  There are enough cool tyranid parts out there that can be mashed together into whatever shape you want.

After deciding I didn't like the tyrannofex like the picture in the codex, I decided to start building my own.  I really liked spite for the dice gods' tyrannofex .  raptor1313 tyrannofex  So I decided to make something somewhat like it.  Here is what I came up with.
 Kind of a cross between sonic the hedgehog and a carnifex.  The head and arms are magnetized so I can rearm him, or make him an armored hive tyrant.  Gotta love customizabiltizationing. ; )
I also pinned and glued the shrinky dink boneswords in place, and put the dremel to them to help get rid of some of the flatness of the sword.  A bit of greenstuff to help as well.
Here are the two monsters together.  I also added to Swarmy's height a bit, and need to greenstuff that together better.  Right now it is pinned with a brass rod, and then bulked out with hot glue. 
(What the objective camping tervigons see every battle)